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Ambassador Program

The JeanLuc Brand Ambassador Program is an exclusive program for entrepreneurs, athletes, artist, and social media gurus etc. You know those driven to succeed types of people that have one thing in common; they go after their dreams and look good doing it. Becoming a Brand Ambassador for Jean-Luc & Co, not only will you look good in quality fashionable clothing, but you will also earn money for your hard work and hustle.

What is a JeanLuc Brand Ambassador:

A JeanLuc & Co brand ambassador is a person who works to promote and represent the JeanLuc brand to the millennial marketplace. Our brand ambassadors are advocating for a better tomorrow by inventing new and creative ways to succeed, all while wanting to be in the latest and trendiest clothes. JeanLuc & Co brand ambassadors have a working relationship with the pulse of the millennial consumer and are willing to give guidance to those seeking a higher purpose in life, which is what JeanLuc & Co brand embodies!

What Do I Get Paid:

JeanLuc and Co understands that your time and talent are worth a lot. Therefore, we have structured our compensation to match your fervent desire to succeed. JeanLuc Brand Ambassadors will receive a:

  • 25% discount on all products purchased, for as long as you are a Brand Ambassadors.
  • 10% commission on everything you sell through your efforts.
  • 10% discount for your network of followers on all products.

How Does It Work:

Becoming a JeanLuc & Co brand ambassador is easy:

  • Email our Brand Ambassador Team.
  • If you are selected, we will send you two codes. The first is for your discount code on the merchandise you purchase for yourself. The second is the (“Commission Code”) that you share with your followers.
  • Use social media to post pictures of yourself in JeanLuc & Co clothing! The post should contain positive insight about the JeanLuc Brand, “Commission Code and have these two hashtag #JLAmbassador & #YSSMYA.
  • The more you promote the more you get Paid!
  • It’s that easy!

I Want In:

If you believe “Your Style Should Match Your Ambition,” and you have what it takes to succeed, our Brand Ambassador Team wants to hear from you. Email the team at and put “My Style Will Match My Ambition” in the subject line. Include all of your social media platform handles and a short reason of why you deserve to be a JeanLuc & Co Brand Ambassador. Our team has a mission to separate JeanLuc & Co from the ordinary clothing line and generate everlasting success. As you can imagine we have many submissions and have to be selective on who we think fits JeanLuc & Co’s brand model. That being said we encourage you to enroll but know that not everyone will be selected!

Best regards,

JeanLuc & Co Brand Ambassador Team